Website Team

Mandy is standing in front of a light background. She has clear glasses on with some hair covering part of her left eye. She is smiling and has color-less lip gloss on.

Mandy Byrd

Website Designer & Editor

Erin is standing in front of a a mirror with flowers around the mirror. Erin has headphones on over her head. She also has her arms out like she's trying to give a hug.

Erin Madden

Website Designer & Editor

Lauren is standing in front of a dark background. Her head is slightly cocked to the side. She is smiling with her long dark hair behind her ear.

Lauren Blouch

Website Designer & Editor

These fantastic women are leading the charge of producing a modern and eye-catching website for our project. In addition, they post all of our class generated content and act as editors for said content.

Instagram Team

Paige is smiling at the camera with a small section of hair going across her clear glasses.

Paige Marino

Social Media Manager & Designer

Mike is standing in front of a pink wall. He is also wearing a pink button down shirt. His face is cocked to the side with a half smile

Michael Messina

Social Media Manager & Designer

Scott is standing on a wooden set of stairs. He has a dark blue shirt on with grey pants and a white and blue hat on. He is carrying a large camera in his left hand. He is standing in front of some dark clouds in the background.

Scott Smith

Social Media Manager & Designer

The astounding Instagram team has created and produced an Instagram page based off of research from our website. They have also created a logo for our digital presence.

Misinformation/Disinformation Team

Grant is smiling in front of a group of trees. Grant has a UMW blue jersey on .

Grant Cragg

Researcher & Content Creator

Matt is standing in front of mountains. With an orange sky fading to blue. Matt has a brown and white flannel on and is smirking at the camera.

Matt Simmons

Researcher & Content Creator

Becca is smiling in front of a white background with her UMW jersey. he has a necklace on that comes to down to her collarbone.

Becca Pullen

Researcher & Content Creator

The wonderful Misinformation/Disinformation team has curated and produced research for our target audience to learn from.

Digital Manipulation Team

Brianna is standing in front of the camera. Her head is cocked to the side with a half-smile on her face. She has a snake-print shirt on.

Brianna McDowney

Researcher & Content Creator

Bryce is sitting in front of a white background. He is smiling and looking straight at the camera. He has a black shirt on.

Bryce Hope

Researcher & Content Creator

Rebecca is sitting on a brown couch with a white and brown small dog in her lap. She has a brown sleeveless shirt on.

Rebecca Winicour

Researcher & Content Creator

The ladies and gentlemen of the Digital Manipulation team are here to provide you with information and content that will help expand your thoughts on how this phenomenon effects your daily life.

Coordinating Team

Amber is sitting in front of a couch with a quilt in the background. Amber has a black and white bandana in her hair. She also has a couple of necklaces on and a black shirt with one button at the top.

Amber Harvey


Reese is sitting in a coffee shot with a green/blue mug in her hand. She is wearing a blue and white sweater.

Reese Place


Payton sitting in front of a window smiling. The light from the window is shining on her blonde hair making part of it look white.

Payton Creamer


The ladies on our coordinating team are masters at organization and keeping our groups on track. They work hard on making sure we have want we need to make this project a success.